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Meet Brandon

If it weren’t for my family owning a small business, I’m not sure I would have pursued law and real estate in the same way.

I remember my parents having so many questions while growing their business, but they didn’t have a way to get those answers easily. You couldn’t just go online. If you wanted advice on estate planning for your business or personal property, you had to hire different experts each time, which can add up. I always wondered, “Why can’t somebody just do all of those things?”

When I started law school, I set out with the vision to take care of more than one thing for people. As soon as I passed the bar in 2015, I went right into real estate. I founded Smith & Burgoon Realty with Kevin and a private law practice serving families and businesses here in Sacramento. I enjoy wearing a few different hats to streamline services for people who are working to build a future for their families.

My wife Chelsea and I chose to buy a home in the same area I grew up — Roseville, CA. We live here with our two daughters, Crosby and Lucca, and love being near family and friends. And, my family still owns that small business here in Sacramento (Lawn and Order). All these years later, my parents have someone to help answer those questions — and you do too.