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Real Estate Legal Services

Not only can we provide services for your real estate transactions, we also provide legal expertise when it comes to these transactions.

All the Real Estate services you need in one place.

With over ten years of experience in the real estate industry as an agent, our legal services are backed with hands-on experience with all aspects of real estate. We can offer assistance on a variety of real estate legal needs such as…

Long term and short term investment properties

Mediation and Litigation Services

Construction and Design/Build Contracts

Commercial Leases and Lease Options

Easements and Rights-Of-Way

Ownership Entity Formation

Real Estate Acquisitions and Sales

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Here’s how we can help expand your investment portfolio.

Our team is here to assist on all investment matters including purchase and sale, financing, joint venture, master limited partnership, public-private-partnership, space leasing, air-rights leasing, ground leasing, entitlement and development, property management, operations, workouts, litigation and dispute resolution.

Rental Properties

Fina and land your dream home. Don’t worry, we’re here to find you a great place you’re comfortable in for the long haul.

Short Term Investments

If you’re looking at wholesale real estate investing, like house flips and remodels we can assist you through the process.

Commercial Real Estate

While my real estate focus is residential, my legal expertise extends to commercial real estate transactions as well.

When things get sticky…

Disputes within real estate can arise during the acquisition of property or ownership rights or other interest in a property. Whether you’re dealing with boundary disputes, title defect claims, property rights use, environmental issues, easements or encumbrances, or a breach of contract, we have the expertise and knowledge to assist you.


Mediation is the preferred alternative to the time, expense and uncertainty of litigation. Our experience and real estate focused training allows us to ensure that we are prepared to effectively and knowledgeably guide the parties through the mediation process.


If mediation didn’t product the results you were looking for, the next step is litigation. Don’t stress, we’ve still got your back! Our experience allows us to efficently litigate your case- from simple breachs of a real estate contractor or more complex title issues.