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Business Formation

Creating a strong foundation for your business is critical for it’s success. Our business formation services offer you direction and expertise so you can get your business up and running.

So you want to start a business?!

As exciting as it may be, it’s imperative that you have guidance through building your business. The legal side may feel overwhelming and confusing but if you put it off, you run a high risk of…

Setting up your business incorrectly

Increasing you financial liability with every contract you sign and decision you make

Lacking the knowledge of proper licensing or permitting

Exercising improper marketing and sales practices

Attracting a copy cat that may claim your work and brand as their own

With our assistance, we can help you prevent these occurences. Whether it is choosing you entity or protecting your assets, we can help you implement the safe guards that allow your business to grow without any additional stress.

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Here’s how we help build your business.

Getting your business off the ground can be an overwhelming task. We’re here to answer your questions, assist you with the necessary documents and filings, and to guide your decision making to keep you and your business protected.

Choice of Entity

There are several entity options for entrepreneurs. Making the correct decision helps protect your investment and sets you  up for sustainable growth in the future.

Asset Protection

Understanding the mechanics of liability protection from the outset and implementing proper asset protection strategies is vital to protecting your business.

Exit Strategy Planning

Establishing an exit plan, even a rudimentary one, can avoid future conflict amongst partners, add direction to operations and maximize the value of your business.


Entity Formation Packages

Formation services do not include Secretary of State Filing Fees. Complex formations are subject to change in pricing. See FAQ section below for more details!

Brandon has handled my incorporations, corporate filings, ongoing contract reviews, and multiple real estate issues over the years. Highly responsive and quick to handle timely issues that arise. Thankful to have him as my attorney as things come up.

– Garrett Mayo

Business formation

FAQS & Answers

Which option is best for me?

Streamline formations are only applicable to single owner businesses or businesses where the capitalization (the value each owner is putting into the business) is low. Complex formations are all other business formations, including the following: professional corporations, multi-owner businesses, businesses in which the owners contribute valuable assets to the business, high value real estate transactions, etc.

How long does it take to form an entity in California?

Processing times are subject to change. In general, the formation process will generally take 2-4 weeks depending on the response time from the client. There are expedited filing services available with the Secretary of State ranging from $350 – $750.

How much are the Secretary of State fees?

LLCs and partnerships cost $70 to file. Corporations cost $100 to file. In addition, there is a $25 for the initial Statement of Information filing and various fees associated with name searches and reservations.

What do I need to do after I form my business entity?

Included in all formation packages is a formation memo that details various issues associated with your entity. This includes information regarding business licenses, ongoing corporate formalities, banking instructions, EIN applications, etc. The formation memo is a guide for operating your business after it is formed and is a valuable resource for all business owners.

What is Liability Protection?

Liability protection allows you, as the owner of the business, to separate the liabilities of the business from your personal assets. This mitigates the risk involved in entrepreneurship because the exposure you have for the business liabilities is the capital you contributed. For example, a real estate investor may choose to form an LLC and contribute 5 properties to that LLC. The LLC will operate the rental properties and own the properties separately from the Investor. If the LLC is sued for a breach of contract, a dispute with a tenant, or an injury that is suffered on one of the properties, the LLC will be liable for the damages but the investor will not be. Since the LLC only owns the 5 properties that the investor initially contributed, the investors risk is limited to the investment made

Do all entities offer liability protection?

No, not all entities offer liability protection. A general partnership does not offer liability protection. In a limited partnership, the general partner is also not offered any liability protection. LLCs and corporations do offer liability protection.