Business Counseling

We provide simple and straight forward business counseling services with our maintenance plans, removing the stress off your shoulders at an affordable cost.

Maintenance is key to a successful business.

Getting your business up and running is just the start of a successful enterprise. Each year, you must complete important tasks to protect your business and stay in compliance with state laws. You may need a Legal Maintenance Plan if you don’t have ready answers to these questions:

Who will ensure required meetings are held and properly documented?

Who will properly document the actions of your business?

Who will file the required reports with the Secretary of State?

Who will help you make sure your business records support your tax returns so they can pass an IRS audit?

Who will keep you informed of changes in the legal environment that affect your business entity?

Our maintenance packages provide the ongoing legal counsel you need to keep your business protected. From contracts to liability reducation, we’ve got your back.

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Here’s how we help protect your business.

Our business services can cover a variety of your needs, but here are some of the most common services we provide.  From contracts negotiations to legal compliance, our team is here to help defend your business.

Entity Maintenance

Maintaining your entity keeps your business protected. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t take action until it is too late. Check out our maintenance plans below.

Liability Audit

Liability audits are designed to identify the weaknesses in your business operations and create ways to increase your liability protection. Learn More Below.

Contract Review

Contracts are fundamental to almost all businesses. We offer quick access to a legal expert that can review and provide contracts. This helps reduce potential liabilities to your business.


Business Maintenance Plans

The following plans are designed to give business owners ongoing access to legal counsel at affordable and predictable rates.

Do you need a liability audit?

A liability audit is a review and organization of all legal aspects of your business. We start by looking over your corporate documents, then focus on all other aspects of your business like insurance coverages, employment policies and procedures, contracts, independent contractor relationships, etc. The end goal of the liability audit is to have a clear list of items that increase your liability and a roadmap to address those shortcomings.

Audits Start at $999

Business counseling

FAQS & Answers

What is an Agent for Service of Process and can I do it myself?

LLCs, Corporations and Limited Partnerships are required to designate an Agent for Service of Process. This agent must be physically located in the State and is designated to receive service of process on behalf of the entity.

Yes, you can serve as your own agent for service of process. However, your physical address must be listed. If you do not have an address outside of your home, then you will be forced to state your personal address. Most people would prefer not to disclose that information.

Why do I need to maintain my entity?

Entities with Liability protection are considered separate legal individuals with legal capacity similar to natural persons. This separation from the owner allows the entity to conduct business on its own. This is the source of the “liability shield” that LLCs, corporations and limited partnerships offer. In order to maintain that liability shield, the entity must continue to operate separately from the business owners. If the entity fails to be operated separately from the business owner, there is a risk that a court will disregard the entity altogether and hold the business owner directly liable for the debts and obligations of the business. These maintenance programs are designed to strengthen and maintain the necessary separation between the entity and the owners.


What are Corporate Formalities and are they necessary?

Corporate formalities are the required meetings, elections and resolutions for corporations. A corporation has a very specific structure that must be observed and maintained. This is done through minutes and resolutions. Certain positions must also be filled within the corporation. LLCs are much more flexible and do not require the same maintenance provided the Operating Agreement is properly drafted. However, it is still recommended that LLCs hold regular minutes and resolutions. This will maintain the separation between owner and entity necessary to maintain the liability protection. It is also good business practice to keep consistent and organized records.

What is included in the Liability Audit?

The liability audit is a comprehensive review of the business documents, structure and operations. Specifically, the following items are commonly reviewed: governing document (operating agreement, partnership agreement, etc.), minutes and resolutions, business operations, tax filings, choice of entity in light of current situation, employment agreements, buy-sell agreements, lease agreements, overall entity structure including additional asset protection entities, business development plan, service agreements or common contracts used. After the liability audit is completed, a memo will be prepared for the business identifying points of weakness and strengths. Recommendations will be made to fix any issues.

What does a Strategy meeting consist of?

A strategy meeting is a block of meeting time that will be reserved to discuss issues that the business feels are most important. These meetings are forward looking. The goal is to identify future legal issues and begin preparing for them now.

What if I have more than one entity?

There is a pricing discount for additional holding entities (usually used for equipment or property). These entities are $495 if another entity is subscribed to one of the plans above.

Which plan is best for me?

The Bronze plan is best suited for real estate investing and single owner businesses. The Silver plan is great for multi-owner businesses because it fosters communication and planning. The Gold package is recommended for the first year for operational businesses because the liability audit will create an action plan for future years.


I think I will need a more involved plan, are other plans available?

Custom maintenance plans are available, typically for a monthly fee. These plans are negotiated for each individual business. Please inquire with specifics about your situation.